Tech. Talent Sourcing

Tech talent sourcing for technology project is one of the challenging task for any IT department due to several factors involved in sourcing. Codenatives has been offering the service of technology consulting & sourcing service since 14 years and the management team has extensive expertise in handling any type of sourcing need with strict adherence to quality. Codenatives’s team functions as an extended arm by totally integrating with the client’s IT & Sourcing team. We have built these offering based on 2 key traits – Responsiveness & Transparency which never fails these offerings.


Consultants for Technology Projects

modelCodenatives specializes in building delivery team on T&M basis for customer specific project needs. Technology specialists can be positioned at onsite customer location or offshore or onsite & offshore based on the project needs. Codenatives’s model creates a 60% cost saving for the customers with performance guaranty. The model also delivers best ROI for our customers.

Codenatives’s service delivery centers are fully equipped with High Bandwidth internet connection VoIP / Skype based calling features, separate development server with dedicated line, 24/7 support based on the need.


Codenatives’s service offerings for tech consultants needs

We have split the sourcing cycle into 3 levels. Client can opt for the models based on their need. We also customize the models based on a client specific need. These models are answers to the several challenging situations that comes up in Tech talent acquisition like

Pricing is done based on the model chosen by the customer. All models are offered based on ‘Pay after service’.